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Device Maps and Updated Image Slideshow App!

We've just rolled out a CloudShow update with a couple of exciting new changes! We've added a new "Device Map" page, and made some substantial improvements to the Image Slideshow app and Content management pages.

Device Maps

First off, we've added a "Device Map" page so that you can quickly see the location and status of any device in your organization. To view the Device Map, click the "View Device Map" link at the top of your Dashboard, and you'll be presented with a map that looks something like this:

Device Map

Green balloons represent online devices, red balloons represent offline devices, and clicking on a balloon will give you more details about the device. If there are multiple devices in the same area, they'll be combined into one balloon and you'll see the details for all of them when clicking the balloon. A balloon that's half green, half red indicates there are multiple devices, with at least one online and one offline.

Image Slideshow Improvements

We've also made some great improvements to the Image Slideshow app, and the Content management page. In the Image Slideshow Settings dialog, we've improved the image selector. It now shows image previews, and you can select multiple images quickly by holding CTRL when selecting the images, or by clicking the "Select All" link at the top.

New Image Selector

Content Management Improvements

Over on the Content page, you can now easily delete multiple images by using the checkboxes to select them all before clicking the delete button. You can also click the Edit (pencil) icon next to an image to see more details about the image, and replace the image with a newer version if needed.

Updated Content List
Edit Dialog for an Image
Oct 31, 2018 (modified Jan 30, 2019)  • #1
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