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How Does CloudShow Work?

1. Hook-up a Device1. Hook-up a Device

Hook-up a device to the TV or monitor you want to use as your sign. CloudShow supports many different types of devices and almost any screen that you can hook up.

2. Install the Client2. Install the Client

Install the CloudShow client on your device. In just a few clicks you'll be up and running, it's incredibly easy.

3. Create an Account3. Create an Account

Create a free CloudShow account to store all of your device configurations. We don't need any billing information, just minimal details to get you started.

4. Pair the Device4. Pair the Device

Pair your new device with your CloudShow account. It's as easy as typing in the 6 character pairing code shown on your device's screen.

5. Add your Apps5. Add your Apps

Add the apps you would like to see on your device. Show multiple apps on one screen if you want, or span your device across multiple screens. Your changes will be pushed to the device automatically.


You're up-and-running! You can use the CloudShow admin interface to manage your device anytime you need to, from anywhere in the world.

Try CloudShow Today!

Try CloudShow today, it's completely free for one device! Need more devices? Try our 60-day Enterprise trial and see if it fits your needs. Get started today and see what everyone has been talking about!

CloudShow ManagerCloudShow Manager

Manage your CloudShow devices on the go! Get alerts when devices shut down or disconnect, rename devices, assign new templates to devices, and more. With CloudShow Manager you're in full control of your CloudShow devices!
Check it out today!

Need Help?Need Help?

Need any help getting your device or client up and running? No problem!
Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help you get started with CloudShow.