Effective communication is a key factor for employee engagement. Corporate environment communications span everything from meeting-room bookings to breakroom reminders for the company picnic, all of which are beneficial to staff. In fact, companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to report high levels of employee engagement. [1]
Any improvement to communication efforts will boost employee satisfaction, retention, safety, and productivity, and Digital Signage is the ideal communication method. In addition to cutting costs and deployment time over traditional print media, Digital Signage is more efficient, cost-effective, and versatile.
Workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths cost the US $170 billion annually. [1]
To thrive, employees need an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and safe. Well-placed emergency communications and accessible response procedures go a long way to providing a sense of security and preparedness. In a critical situation, every Digital Signage screen becomes a lifeline of timely information and a guiding light to the nearest exits.
Ideally, critical situations can be avoided through intermittent reminders of safety protocols. Digital Signage is a perfect reinforcement tool for high-priority data, but it's also a fixture for daily health advice, including stress reduction. "60 to 80 percent of workplace accidents are attributed to stress," and according to the APA, "550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job." [4]
Healthy-Living Tips for Employees
Make slides from these tips to include in your regular slide deck, enhancing your Digital Signage messaging with practical and mutually-beneficial advice.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Take a daily walk.
  • Drink more water.
  • Take screen breaks.
  • Reduce your sugar intake.
  • Try a meditation app.
  • Don't drink your calories.
  • Snack smart.
  • Connect with colleagues.
  • Commit to positive thinking.
With a combination of informative slideshows, videos, incentives, and promotional events, workplace safety can be enhanced with every moment an employee passes a Digital Sign. Break-room postings pinned three-sheets deep on the bulletin board will go unnoticed. On a vibrant display, however, they are attention-getting segments of entertainment in a medium which employees already embrace.
Safety and health communications through channels like Digital Signage reduce injury and illness rates by at least 20%, with every dollar companies invest in meaningful safety solutions realizing $4 to $6 in benefits. [1]
Your company likely has a knowledgebase and myriad shared files, but with multiple resource points even seasoned employees forget what's available to them and where. Using Digital Signage you can post reminders of where to go when searching for particular answers and deliver news for updated company policies.
Consider using QR codes for staff to scan, leading them directly to websites with the information they need or point them to the employee directory so they know who to contact for specific questions.
Stats on Dissatisfied Employees
29% of employees stated dissatisfaction with their company's current method of internal communication. [2] 47% of employees said they didn't even know their company's core values. [1]
Digital signage makes it easy to give quick, up-to-the-minute updates, ending poor communication and instilling confidence and awareness in staff. Depending on where each display resides, you can post project management boards with the active issues and to-do lists or the daily sales targets and recently-closed deals. While great for KPI and project status dashboards, even periodic good news is effective.
Milestones reached like sales goals or quarterly profit earnings are a boost to employee morale. Reminders of company mission statements and current focuses can keep initiatives on track, and Digital Signage can be utilized to reflect the positive impact the employees' work is doing for its customers, the economy, and the world at large.
Showcasing corporate charity and donations can create a pride and unity among staff, making them feel like contributors to something beyond their 9-to-5 routine. External marketing for the launch of a new product works just as well for internal use, keeping workers in the same loop as their customers. What employees want and need is information, and by staying informed they prove to be more enthused, involved, and productive.
Stats on Dissatisfied Employees
In fact, 77% of employees said receiving company news updates helped job performance, and 66% said it helped them build better relationships with their colleagues. 63% said they were more likely to advocate for the business and tell others about their company, all because of proper communication. [2]
Successful internal communication through Digital Signage can raise employee productivity by 25%. [1]
Communication and transparency are important to retain staff, as well as provide recognition. Disengaged employees are 12 times more likely to leave their job within the current year, while employees who feel appreciated are 60% more inspired to work harder. [1] Featuring star employees on your digital displays is an easy way to celebrate good work and highlight the people behind it.
Feedback is a fantastic way to gauge employee satisfaction. By conducting surveys 60 to 90 days after a new hire, a company can gauge early impressions of the new employee experience and reveal the current company image through fresh eyes. Gathering opinions on new initiatives invite guidance on company-wide decisions.
Pulse surveys, (weekly or monthly surveys consisting of 1 to 5 quick questions), can easily be conducted online and their results shared with everyone via Digital Signage. These simple efforts toward opinion gathering can maintain a team mindset based on inclusion, increasing the true and perceived value of every person.
Outside opinion and feedback is just as vital to shaping a company's future. Digital Signage time can be dedicated to social networking commentary, including Twitter and Facebook feeds. Users of your products and services will share their own experiences with the world, so bringing the world into your office keeps everyone connected.
8 Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity
Clockify, the makers of time-tracking software, looked at means to measure employee productivity. [3] Below is a list of 8 tips they recommend:
  1. Improve workplace conditions. Natural light, plants, and non-white wall colours are helpful. Green is a motivational colour.
  2. Optimize emailing. Block times and brevity. Short, to-the-point emails save time and defining time windows dedicated to emailing prevents distractions.
  3. Optimize meetings. Email instead, reduce number, length, and attendees of meetings. Cutting down every aspect of meetings is good. Not having them is even better.
  4. Allow flexible schedules. Flexible and remote work. Time blocks over continuous shifts and the chance to work from home is what many employees need to do their best.
  5. Provide better employee training. Specialized software and hands-on training keep everyone up-to-date and confident.
  6. Stop micromanagement in task delegation. Detailed explanation and proper delegation. Well-defined expectations and distributing tasks to the right people will ensure the work gets done right and on time.
  7. Improve office communication. Teamwork and tools. Choosing the right collaborative tools will empower teams to perform more effectively.
  8. Encourage self-care. Encourage healthy living and recognize employee accomplishments. Remind employees of their full health benefits, provide courses on time and stress management, and show appreciation when they're at their best.
Employees and guests alike may need help finding rooms and personnel. While the lobby may dedicate Digital Signage for the company directory or rotate through impressive videos featuring corporate achievements and key products, hallways can benefit from Digital Signage too, displaying room block numbers and even meeting room availability.
With digital displays, meeting room time slots are clearly defined, highlighting vacancies and links to reservation software for more efficient bookings. Within each meeting room, an unused display can cycle through technical procedures for various equipment or be leveraged to share presentations across multiple spaces.
Even traffic to the cafeteria can be streamlined. Just by displaying the daily menu, employees know if they want to dine in or go out. By using digital menus in the cafeteria, updates of pricing, availability, and specials can be managed via the Digital Signage software, even pre-programming variable menus based on the day of the week.
In the break rooms and on cafeteria walls, sports and entertainment updates or even a playlist of safe-for-work Youtube videos can fuel conversations and keep the team in a good mood while they transition into the afternoon hours. With traffic and weather updates, staff can plan alternate routes home or remember to grab their umbrella before heading out for the day.
There are many directions you can go with your Digital Signage, but by keeping a focus on employees you are sure to create an environment that keeps everyone safe, informed, appreciated, and moving toward common goals.
Digital Signage can boost morale by displaying recent profit earnings or employees-of-the-month. They can give weather and traffic updates, share social media feedback from customers, highlight the daily specials at the company café, or be used for multi-branch presentations.
Improvements to a work environment can be achieved in a variety of ways, but Digital Signage is a cost-effective and proven addition. Employers that use Digital Signage have staff that are healthier, more informed, more engaged, and enthused about the company they work for, making them productive in ways well beyond the duties of their job description.
Investment in Digital Signage is an investment in your staff. Investment in your staff is an investment in the future success of your company.
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