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Power your business with digital signage made easy.
Digital Signage is everywhere: retail stores, restaurants, hotels, clinics, health clubs, and corporate workplaces. With 400% more views than static displays, their prevalence is understandable and justified. For business leaders, digital signage is an investment that shows its return in money, time, and customer satisfaction across virtually every industry.
Concerns over budget and time spent deploying and learning new software may have kept you from transitioning to digital signage. The temptation to continually reuse the same print signage is hard to resist when money has already been spent. You may even think you can't afford the hardware and electrical costs necessary to run digital signage, or that it's just not right for your business.
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The fact is thousands of businesses have moved from print signage because the long-term cost savings and benefits of digital is undeniable. The upfront costs are proven to have a return on investment and the ease of creating and showcasing new visuals reinforces your decision for going digital time and time again. The remaining choice is which software works best with your digital signage investment, and CloudShow is the solution.
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Not everyone is a designer. Our Canva software integration makes it easy to build great designs using templates and pre-made elements and text. With simple content search and importing through Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, there are countless image options to keep your content fresh.
CloudShow has over 60 apps to try, letting you mix and match news, weather, sports, music, calendars, social media, images, videos, even add content from applications like Twitch and Discord. It's an endless buffet ready to be sampled.
Keeping displays current and dynamic is what keeps viewer attention. Using templates for consistency and efficient updating is what makes CloudShow ideal for all environments. With templates and scheduling, you can make sure the right items are on display at the right time.
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Customize your CloudShow experience for your industry and needs. While retail groups naturally post ads for the latest sales, healthcare clinics use digital signage to share queue signups and wait times. Manufacturing facilities post safety reminders to reduce accidents, universities advertise campus events, and office buildings list directories. Make every display your own and power your business with CloudShow digital signage software.
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CloudShow is flexible and applicable to any industry: Restuarants, Corporate, Retail, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Worship.
Industries that have spent thousands a year in print materials have reduced costs by 76% with others seeing an increase in business between 15 to 150%, all from using digital signage.1
71% of consumers feel advertising via Digital Signage is more eye-catching than online ads. 46% say it is more prominent than television ads.1
Efficient and accessible communication drives sales, employee engagement, brand awareness, customer service, and customer satisfaction.
Endless design elements, display schedules, and variable source options keep advertisements relevant, food menus timely, and critical data refreshed and interesting.
97% of students prefer receiving information via digital channels and the world at large has moved to digital experiences, making digital signage the proverbial sign of the times.
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Digital signage has increased sales in retail and restaurants, improved engagement and communication in corporate and education environments, reduced injuries in manufacturing, made queues less stressful and more efficient, and most importantly shown a strong return on investment.
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Amazon Fire Stick
While the CloudShow editor and manager are web-based, a client is required for devices to display client content. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the preferred CloudShow client device, but our client software will run on most Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Windows (7 or higher, 180MB)
  • Android (5.1 or higher, 28MB)
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 8.0 or higher, 39.1MB)
  • In Development: Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi
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[1] G. D. Villiers, "MVIX blog," 9 June 2020. [Online]. Available: https://mvixdigitalsignage.com/blog/digital-signage-statistics-infographic/.
CloudShow Digital Signage management software serves universities, hospitals, manufacturers, medical offices, hotels, retailers, and restaurants, helping create eye-catching displays for guests and customers.
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